Property Services Prices

Please contact us or request a quote for pricing. We also run a number of specials based on the time of year, so check back on our website at the beginning of each season. All final invoices are based on quoted work performed and vary based on the type of job, amount of work and distances traveled.

Spring/Fall Cleanup Specials (starting at $120.00 per visit)

  1. 1) Blow all flower beds out
  2. 2) Cut & bag, hauling all leaves and debris away
  3. 3) Make your yard ready for summer!

Extra Spring/Fall Cleanup Services (by estimate only)

  1. 1) Crab grass preventer with fertilizer
  2. 2) Edging all sidewalks and driveways

Winter Snow Removal Specials

  1. Driveways start at $15.00 per visit
  2. City sidewalks starting at $5.00 per visit
  3. Alleys for season starting at $200.00
  4. Per visit accounts for all walkways and drives starting at $25.00
  5. Monthly accounts for all walkways and drives starting at $75.00
Fall Cleanup - Leaf Removal

SCH Property Services
TEL: 651-210-0061

Fall Cleanup - Raking

Everyone at SCH Services would like to thank our loyal customers for their patronage and vow to maintain the quality and dependability that has made SCH a success.


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