SCH Services Customer Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions outlined on this website are superseeded by terms and conditions outlined in any individual written quote or written contract on a per client basis. In cases where a written contract or written quote does not specifically outline the terms and conditions outlined on this website, terms and conditions outlined here shall remain in effect.

All services provided by SCH Services LLC performed without contract, quote or prior arangement shall be pre-invoiced and pre-paid prior to service being completed.

Payment for all services shall be performed through this website using our First Data processor and an additional $5.00 processing fee shall be charged for each transaction.

If a truck or crew is not onsite to perform pre-paid work as requested within 24 hours or the payment and work is not performed, a full refund shall be made by company check 30 days after the pre-payment transaction has settled.

SCH Property Services
TEL: 651-210-0061

Everyone at SCH Services would like to thank our loyal customers for their patronage and vow to maintain the quality and dependability that has made SCH a success.


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